Making an Intention Map

One of my favorite ways to connect spiritually is by meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to be a big production, you could meditate on the way to the grocery store. I often like to have bigger moments of reflection on, before, or after big dates in my life. You also don’t have to be religious to meditate, or to make what I like to call an intention map. An intention map is a creative way to reflect on the days before you and set intentions for the days ahead. In this instance, I chose to reflect on the past year in my earlier post and then meditate on the coming year this evening. You could also take time to set intentions during a particularly busy or overwhelming time in your life.  Here are some items I like to use when creating an intention map.

-A precious item or items: For example here I have my late Grandmothers rosary which she gave to me. I do believe in God and this item reminds me of the enduring faith of my Grandmother.

-Crystals: I believe that crystals carry energy with them from the earth that helps me connect to nature which is very important to me and is a part of my connection to a higher power.

-Candles: Candles are just the best, and they smell good. They are an essential part of my meditation practice.

-Flowers: Again with the nature, I feel that flowers represent the beauty and newness of coming seasons, which is often a focus of my meditations.

-Photos: My daughter and my current relationships fill me with warmth and hope for the next year of my life. Pictures of them also remind me of the times we have gone through together so far and how those times have prepared us for challenges to come.

-Intentions…of course: You can find funky sticky notes at places like Michael’s to use for your intentions. I chose intentions that I wanted to embody in the coming year for this meditation.

*The paper beneath everything is wrapping paper I brought at world market. Purple is a generally soothing color.

I recommend choosing a favorite album for mediating unless you prefer to mediate in silence. For this meditation I chose, And Then Like Lions by Blind Pilot.

Your mediation should last as long or as shortly as you feel necessary. Breathe deeply and focus gently on your intentions. You can also journal, pray, sing, or whatever you feel helps get you in tune with the moment. When you feel intrusive thoughts that take you out of the moment, observe them like clouds, and let them pass. Try letting an easy smile rest on your face.

When you feel you’ve connected with your intentions, wrap up however you choose to. I like to offer gratitude for the moment and end with a prayer or a simple Namaste.

Voila! Intentions, set, go!




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